Dr. Lingard

Dr. Lingard has devoted his practice to proper endodontic care for residents of Carson City and neighboring communities in response to a growing need for dentists experienced in treating dental root disease and injury. While serving the Navajo Nation, Dr. Lingard realized the shortage of endodontic specialists was a critical issue for oral health. In response, he pursued continuing education and a residency in endodontics to offer the people of Carson City the highly specialized care they could not get from a general dentist. He does not want any patient to suffer pain for any longer than necessary and takes all steps required to provide relief and prevent future dental health problems.

Save Your Teeth Through Endodontics

Before coming to our office, many patients fear the loss of their damaged or diseased teeth. Without thorough endodontic treatment, such as a root canal or apicoectomy, you may lose one or more teeth because of severe pain or infection. Our goal is to relieve pain, remove the infection, and ensure your tooth is saved even if the pulse is damaged beyond repair. There is no substitute for your natural teeth. They provide jawbone support, help shape your face, and make possible everything from talking to chewing. If an endodontist does not treat a tooth, the risk of having it extracted increases dramatically.

Are You Seeking Relief From A Painful Tooth?

If you have a toothache that has lasted more than a few days or is increasingly painful, contact our office. We are always available to answer questions and schedule you as soon as possible, so your pain does not hamper your daily living.

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